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  • Artwork Title: Learning to Fly
  • Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
  • CODE: 050615
  • Artist Statement: “Learning to Fly” I often muse on how a painting wants to unfold.. I was looking for a connection. This painting originally turned upside down was about boats. I became frustrated. Constantly the head of the figure kept on wanting to be noticed (upside down). I dared to turn the canvas 180 degrees. This beautiful, mystical figure presented herself. I was thinking – Wow – this is like learning to fly. I needed to trust and listen to what wanted emerge from the canvas. It’s about the journey, lessons that I needed to take before I could begin to fly. I have such a sense of freedom with this piece. I love it.
  • Purchase: https://www.jaynerolinson.com.au/product/050615/