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  • Artwork Title: Reflections
  • Medium: Acrylic and mixed media
  • CODE: 060615
  • Artist Statement: “Reflections “– I often wonder why sometimes a reflection is so perfect and other times it is so distorted .Do I have a perfect memory of my past or do I just colour in the bit that I want to see and it is not the true reflection. I walk along the river every day. One day the river gum reflection is an amazing replica of the mighty tree. The next day the image is dark, deep mysterious. I look in the mirror. Fine I look good (blurry). Put my glasses on and I see a whole different person! Reflections are about what we do see and what we don’t see. An image of a woman with great wisdom and beauty emerges with a bird in all its glory. Their image is distorted. Was this an illusion?
  • Purchase: https://www.jaynerolinson.com.au/product/060615/