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  • Artwork Title: Dare to Bare
  • Medium: Acrylic, ink and mixed media
  • CODE: 120615
  • Artist Statement: “Dare to Bare” – This was actually the first painting off the rank of very blank, very white canvases that were happily staring me down with a challenge. I started writing words, mark making, adding and turning. This female form emerged. I stood back and looked. I don’t want to do nudes! I questioned my process, my thoughts, my direction.. I happily hid her behind another canvas. I kept on trying to over paint her. The inner voice – NO. It hit me then, why this painting was so significant for me. I was daring to strip bare. (No way …) Not in the physical sense but I was to reveal the inner essence of myself in my art. Thankyou... I dared to listen…..
  • Purchase: https://www.jaynerolinson.com.au/product/120615/