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  • Artwork Title: Dance to the Rhythm of Nature
  • Medium: Acrylic and mixed media
  • CODE: 150615
  • Artist Statement: “Dance to the Rhythm of Nature” – Lots of dance music inspired this painting. Seeking new music – I grabbed one of my boys iPod’s. Dancing around the canvas to the music, great drum beat and volume cranked up, I felt a real connection to their music. I often see my teenagers with ear plugs fitted snuggly in their ears. (Silence) It was a great sense of rhythm, fun. Dancing is such a great expression. Once on a work shop we were asked to dance blind folded. The inhibitions left you as you found your own beat without the fear of being judged for your not so groovy moves. It was a feeling of being alive again, free and happy, as we are meant to be….
  • Purchase: https://www.jaynerolinson.com.au/product/150615/