From her early years living in a rural community amidst the vast expanses of the Australian bush, Jayne’s memory was imprinted with the raw beauty and unforgiving charm of the Australian outback.  Those formative days fostered within her a profound reverence for natures intricacies, the changing seasons and respect for our unique rugged landscapes. These memories would stay with her forever.
Jayne’s journey to becoming an award winning artist was an evolution – a strong desire to become a professional artist unfolded as she embraced the joy and challenges of raising a cherished family of boys. It was during this  phase that her passion for painting began to become a reality.
Artwork that makes a statement, with an intuitive brushstroke and a fearless spirit, conjures vibrant tapestries, layers of paint that pulsate with energy  culminating in profound depth, channeling her individual technique, symphony of hues, dance of textures inviting the viewer to explore the artwork.
Jayne’s approach to painting contemporary abstract dynamic  landscapes has inspired her to use bold colour and exaggerated mark-making forms her unique signature. With each stroke, Jayne explores uncharted territory, opening the  imagination of her  creative mind. a strong symbolic relationship between the artist and the canvas  that infuses her work with a ethereal quality as the artwork evolves into a finished painting.
In addition to her artistic pursuits, Jayne has a passion for educating and sharing her love with art students.
Australian and international audience to date, with her art housed in commercial properties and private collections. Her art transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, enriching diverse spaces and resonating with audiences worldwide.
With each stroke of her brush, she invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery – a journey filled by boundless creativity, unwavering determination and an unwavering commitment to painting from the heart.
Thankyou for embarking on this journey with Jayne, review the past, follow the future and explore where a palette of colour and a  brush loaded with paint merge to create a masterpiece on canvas.