Testimonial  – ” Loving my painting called the ‘ Fisherman’s Daughter’ by artist Jayne Rolinson. Jayne’s artwork inspires me with hidden meanings behind each piece of her work. I have the privilege of looking at the painting everyday in my dining room and everyday my imagination gets lost in those big luminous eyes” . Josephine.June 2017

Testimonial – ” Jayne is such a wonderful talented artist. I am a proud collector of three original paintings (so far!) from the wonderful Jayne Rolinson. My favourite hangs in pride of place in my lounge room and I enjoy looking at this everyday” Fiona. B March 2017

Testimonial – ” It gives me great pleasure to write these words about artist, Jayne Rolinson. I have admired her work from some years now, and was delighted when I found about her up coming Art Exhibit – Learning to Fly. From the moment I walked into the gallery, I was in awe and felt like I had come across something not only uniquely wonderful, art that truly touched the soul. The colour vibrancy and depth of each and every one of her paintings are a sight to behold and I couldn’t be happier to have walked away with my piece ‘ Wishing for a pair of Wings’. A painting that is admired by all who walk pass and a painting that will forever be close to my heart.”  Lucy.C  April 2015